How can your physical therapist continue your plan of care despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

How can your physical therapist continue your plan of care despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

Well…the answer is quite simple. Collins Physical Therapy Institute has adapted its ability to communicate virtually by utilizing Telehealth medicine. Physical therapists possess a highly trained “eye” in the ability to access and monitor movement patterns in their patients. So in reality, you don’t have to be “in the room” with your therapist for them to assist you with your pain. The most common diagnoses physical therapists assess in the clinic include: lower back pain, neck pain, hip/knee pain, and shoulder pain.

Telehealth medicine allows your therapist to assess, despite being in different locations. As therapists, we can determine your impairments, just by observing your movement patterns. Once your therapist determines your impairments, we can begin coaching you in self-guided treatment techniques. Through virtual medicine, we can monitor your form, educate on frequency, and set virtual to follow ups to help you with compliance.

At a time when society is social distancing and/or continues to work from home, you may experience increased low back pain or neck pain due to poor ergonomics. Collins Physical Therapy has a possible solution to ensure you can be pain-free once life returns to normal again.

Stay healthy and safe.

-Collins Physical Therapy Team.

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