Is Physical Therapy Appropriate For Me?

Maybe you're someone who has a shoulder pain when you reach to grab an item out of a cabinet, you experience back pain when you do the butterfly stroke, or perhaps your knee 'acts up' if you try to kneel to get an object off of the floor.  A lot of individuals believe that as we age, these aches and pains are just a part of life, but in many cases, a thorough physical therapy assessment and individualized treatment plan can significantly reduce your specific symptoms. 

It's great when people come into physical therapy with milder symptoms, because these people are often able to experience great recovery in a shorter amount of time.  The other thing to consider is that minor ache or pain may eventually become a worsening issue.  It's always best to get a mild issue looked at before people start to compensate or avoid their usual day-to-day activities.

There is also a wide scope to the types of issues that a physical therapist can treat!  While this list is not all-encompassing, issues commonly treated with physical therapy include:

- Balance deficit while walking

- Limited range of motion in your Shoulder, Knee, or Hip

- Vertigo/Dizziness 

- Difficulty participating in your usual wellness or sports activities (such as golfing, pickleball, running, etc.)

- Numbness and/or tingling coupled with neck or back pain

Kristina Clinton

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