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"  I got hit by a car—two broken elbows and enough tendon damage to probably even make the heartless cyborgs at Florida Blue Cross shed a single, human-like tear. I started off my therapy at an unnamed franchise across the street, but even under the influence of post-surgery opioids, I could tell my interests might be better served elsewhere. I found Collins PT the next day and couldn’t be happier (and that’s not just the aforementioned opioids talking either). From the friendliness and competence of the front desk to the skill and experience of the technical staff, I can’t recommend these folks enough. Greg Collins, the owner, is pretty much the godfather of Naples physical therapy and has been practicing in the area since back when dinosaurs freely roamed Pine Ridge and only like one or two billionaires had yet to move here. Not only has Greg seen your ailment before, but he’s treated it, fixed it, and probably even sketched it in his leisure time. On top of that, he personally knows your doctor and probably golfs with him/her to boot. But his isn’t a one-man show, and the really pleasant surprise has been the quality of the entire staff. Clinical Director, Michael White, runs a damn tight ship, and seems to have eyes in the back of his head, monitoring all patients and other therapists while continuing to expertly care for his own clients. By a stroke of luck (unlike the one that sent the SUV smashing into my bicycle), Michael also ended up being my therapist for most of my recovery. But regardless of the individual therapist, this is a hands-on place where you are not simply banished to a corner with a checklist and a bouncy ball. These folks are continuously working WITH you (and only you) as you work toward your recovery. And although this is a straight-up, 5-star review (that I rarely give), to be fair and balanced, I should probably knock something so you know I’m not a paid review-bot. So, the chairs in the lobby. What gives? They suck, and they were obviously selected from the Marquis de Sade Wicker & Torture designer catalog. Fortunately, I’m never kept waiting past my appointment time, so I don’t use them much, and I guess they do provide a backhanded motivation to heal. Anyway, there you go: fair and balanced. Seriously, though, I can’t recommend this place enough. First, don’t get hurt. But if you do, don’t go anywhere else but here.  "


- Anonymous

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